Sequential Extracorporeal Treatment of Bodily Fluids

U.S. Patent No. 9,216,386 — Issued December 22, 2015

An article and method to treat extracorporeally a patient’s bodily fluid.  The bodily fluid can include blood, cerebral spinal fluid and lymph.  A first stage of the method includes applying a treatment.  The treatment can comprise dosing with a medication, thermal treatment, or irradiation.  The treatment can occur at levels that could otherwise compromise the patient’s health.  A second stage of the method substantially removes the treatment from the bodily fluid.  The bodily fluid can then be returned to the patient.  The article includes a treatment chamber that applies the treatment and a removal module for removing the treatment.  The method can be a continuous process such as, for example, a dialysis process.

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Utilization of Stents for the Treatment of Blood Borne Carcinomas

U. S. Patent No. 8,758,287 — Issued June 24, 2014

A filter and a method treat blood borne carcinomas by inducing apoptosis in carcinoma cells.  The filter included comprises a stent having an interior wall defining a channel containing a packing material and at least one antineoplastic agent.  The method includes placing a patient’s blood in apposition of the antineoplastic agent by pumping the blood through the stent.  The blood remains in apposition to the antineoplastic agent for a sufficient time period to induce an apoptotic cascade. Save

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