Jackson Center, PA, August 18, 2020 – Halberd Corp. (OTC PINK: “HALB“) Chairman, President & CEO of Halberd Corporation, William A. Hartman, has received a number of questions from shareholders regarding the extracorporeal process for treatment of Covid-19. Below, Mr. Hartman responds to those questions.

Q:  There are various extracorporeal medical procedures being researched or used and in various states of trial and approval.  How do these differ from your patented process?

A:  All extracorporeal processes have one thing in common – they all consist of removing something from the blood, or cerebral spinal fluid, while the bodily fluid is outside the patient.  The difference is in how the offending substances – target disease antigens – are removed before the bodily fluid is returned to the body.  Some methods use conventional mechanical filtration, others use chemical attraction, or other means to attract and trap the target antigens and remove them.  Our patents, and pending patents, have unique features to the technology that are distinguishable from other extracorporeal processes which we believe gives us a technological edge and precludes others from pursuing a similar path.

Regardless of which extracorporeal process is employed, they all differ from conventional medical treatments in that conventional treatments involve adding something to the patient – drugs or chemicals administered through an IV, intramuscular injection, orally, trans-nasally or through inhalation.  Extracorporeal treatments remove things from the patient – the disease antigens.  This is the revolutionary aspect of our intended treatment.

Q: How does the extracorporeal process work?

A:  Overall, the process is very similar to standard kidney dialysis.  Blood is removed from the patient, and is pumped through a cartridge containing and retaining complexing molecules designed to attract the particular targeted disease antigen.  After passing through the cartridge, the blood is returned to the patient, while the target antigens stay in the antigen cartridge.  The process includes monitoring the concentrations of the target antigens in the incoming, pre-filtered blood, and also the cleansed blood returning to the patient as a key indicator of effectiveness of the “filtration” process.

Q:  What are complexing agents?

A:  Complexing agents are simply molecules that demonstrate a strong affinity for the target antigens.  When these antigens are exposed to its corresponding designed complexing agent, they are attracted to, and sequestered by it, thereby enabling them to be removed from the blood.  These complexing agents are permanently affixed to the interior surfaces of the cartridge for removal and disposal at the completion of the extracorporeal treatment.  Since the capture and removal process is one of a molecular bond, it is a bit different than a normal mechanical filter which traps and removes particles based on their physical size.  The attraction and capture of the antigens can be thought of like a magnet and iron filings.

Q: Can you elaborate a bit on these complexing agents? Are they broad in scope, like a magnet attracting all different grades of iron, or specific, targeting a single, specific antigen?

A:  That depends on what you are looking to eliminate from the blood, or cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).  We’ve only discussed here the application of the process to the blood, but it is equally applicable to CSF for diseases associated with spinal fluid.

There are a couple of ways of attacking a disease: you can remove the disease antigen directly, or remove one or more of the elements the disease needs to survive.  So you can remove the antigen itself, or you can starve it to death.  But this is not an either/or proposition.  You can do both simultaneously.  It just depends on the design intent is of the complexing agent(s) used in the treatment cartridge – single or multiple targets.

Our recent provisional patent application, Method for Treating and Curing Covid-19 Infection, addresses targeting the entire Covid-19 molecule – single target, while the provisional patent application, Method for Treating Covid-19 Inflammatory Cytokine Storm for the Reduction of Morbidity and Mortality in Covid-19 Patients, uniquely seeks a simultaneous removal of multiple targets related to elements which support the cytokine storm present in later-stage Covid-19 cases.

In this way, we believe we can selectively remove various disease causing agents from the blood or CSF depending on the design of the complexing agents – or “magnets” to use that analogy – used in the cartridge, without putting any drugs or chemicals into the patient.  This greatly reduces or eliminated the chances of adverse reactions to the treatment.  The process removes the toxic elements from the blood without disturbing the rest of the body.

This is distinctly different than a vaccine which often has the capacity of causing harm and in some cases more harm than good. And many people reject vaccination. Often our treatment may be the only alternative for people.

Q:  You mentioned in earlier press releases about an extracorporeal process that uses a laser to eliminate the disease antigens.  How does that work?

A:  It works much the same way as described above, but instead of a complexing agent that attracts and holds it to the interior surfaces of a cartridge, it “lights up” the target antigen using a fluorescent chemical.  Instead of a cartridge, a laser targeting area is created to enable the antigen-fluorescent conjugate pair to pass through the laser’s focal area.  At that stage they are detected by the nano laser targeting system and eliminated with a burst of controlled energy from the nano laser.  The nano laser is highly focused, and controlled, to eliminate any collateral damage to surrounding cells.

Q:  Where do you get the complexing agents for use in your treatment process?

A:  That is where our partnership with one or more research universities comes in.  Halberd’s scientists have identified antigen targets we believe need to be removed from the blood in order to rid the body of Covid-19.  We will be directing one or more of our university partner(s) to develop agents that will selectively attract and capture the target antigens.  These complexing agents will then need to be permanently attached to the inner surfaces of the filtration cartridge and then tested for safety and efficacy.  These are the first steps in a development sequence that we believe could lead to a technique to remove any number of viruses from the human body and could ultimately revolutionize medicine.

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